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Be The Speaker
You Know
You Can Be

   Learn speaking skills from the expert

Larry Wilde, America's master of mirth and motivation,
offers proven techniques to help you prepare and
deliver presentations with authority, power and pizzazz.

Teaching Professional
Presentation Skills
For Over 30 Years

Intensive One-On-One Training For
Executives Training for Executives and Corporate Managers Corporate Managers Training for Professional Speakers Professional Speakers Speech training for attorneys Attorneys
Celebrities Celebrities and clergy Clergy Speech training for community leaders Community Leaders Teachers and Instructors Teachers and Instructors
Sales Trainers Presentation skills training for real estate professionals Real Estate Professionals Insurance agents Insurance Agents
All professionals whose words must connect!

Learn about the Larry Wilde Weekend Humor Boot Camp.

  Overcome fear of speaking   Overcome anxiety and fear on the platform
  Learn to project credibility and confidence   Learn to project credibility and confidence
  Master dynamic delivery techniques   Master techniques for a dynamic delivery
  Give memorable presentations   Give memorable presentations every time
  Learn to use body language   Use body language to enhance your message
  Speak comfortably in front of any audience   Speak naturally and comfortably before any audience
  Learn to use microphones and audio/visual equipment   Make expert use of microphones and audio/visual equipment
  Connect with your listeners   Connect with your listeners
  Keep the audience interested   Keep the audience interested and involved
  Learn to think on your feet   Think on your feet
  Learn how to create the perfect speech   Create the perfect speech
  Organize, craft, and edit your speech   Organize, craft, and edit your material
  Find quotations, anecdotes and stories for speeches   Punch up presentations with fitting quotations, anecdotes and stories
  Find and customize humor for speeches   Find and customize appropriate humor

Go to school on Larry's experience as
a premier professional motivational humorist,
best-selling author, stand-up comedian, stage &
television actor/entertainer and university instructor.
To  be  the  best  you've  got  to  learn  from  the  best!

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from Larry's programs

The Coach and Consultant to Call
When You Want It ALL


Keep the audience interested
with jokes, humorous anecdotes and
funny stories to liven up your presentations.

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