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Laugh therapy specialist

Larry Wilde, health humorist Larry Wilde, America's noted Health Humorist, is a professional intensive-care healer of ailing spirits and a specialist in providing a megadose of laugh therapy for today's health care professionals.
  In his presentation LAUGHTER: Rx for Healing, Health and Happiness, Larry prescribes simple methods to

  • Help practitioners of the healing arts tap the curative powers of laughter and recharge the vital signs -- STAT.
  • Employ a light-hearted approach in a highly stressful environment, improve morale and increase productivity in the ER, OR, lab or office.
  • Provide quick and painless procedures for developing camaraderie and dealing with the tension of our times.
  • Use humor as a therapeutic tool for teaching and communicating but also as a coping mechanism to deal with the stress of working in the fast paced and ever changing health care field.
  • Enjoy an abundantly joyful life free from burnout.
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Larry Wilde presents his medicinal message with the podium-side manner of a professional healer-of-the-spirits and the skill of a specialist in belly laughs. Prepare yourself for a potent injection of warm-hearted hilarity.

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When You're Up To Your Eyeballs In Alligators

was created especially to recognize
the vital relationship between health and humor.


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