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Rave reviews about Larry Wilde's programs

"Your presentation on the positive effects of humor in work and life was a resounding success. I've never seen our clients laugh so loud. Our audience members were very moved by your heartfelt message…Your presence certainly made a lifelong impact."

Dava Wittig, Vice President
Insurance Management Services, Inc.

"Your method of using humor to handle life's problems should be heard by all busy executives and sales people."

Mark R. Bugli
San Fernando Underwriters Association

"'Up To Your Eyeballs In Alligators' was the perfect topic for our members...they loved it. You not only had them laughing with your hilarious heartfelt stories and anecdotes but everyone truly appreciated your powerful message. Many thanks for a super program."

Gail Kent, Director
Oregon Association of Mortgage Brokers

"The standing ovation you received speaks highly of your excellent presentation. The audience loved it."

Tom Croom
Hughes Aerospace

"Your five-point technique gave us a humorous insight on how to turn stressful situations into funny, relaxing times. Everyone left the conference feeling uplifted and high-spirited as a result of your message."

Edwin A. Fincke
California Transit Association

"I laughed. I cried. Only one criticism - You sure are hard on mascara!"

Billie Moss
International Furnishings and Design Association

"Thank you for a truly superb presentation! Your wit and wisdom got our conference off to a great start. Larry, you made me look good in front of the people who ultimately pay my salary. So again I say thank you."

Maurice H. McBride
National Petroleum Refiners Association

"Larry, you did a great job as our luncheon speaker. You were entertaining and inspirational. Thanks for exceeding my expectations."

Rosemary Barbour
Texas Mortgage Bankers Association

"Stress is a well-known commodity to automobile dealers. They are more often than not 'up to their eyeballs in alligators,' so yours was a message they not only needed, but loved hearing. Thanks for a truly outstanding performance."

Norma H. Sharp
Executive Vice President
New York State Automobile Dealers Association

"Your gift as a humorist is truly unique and must absolutely be shared by every healthcare organization."

Jim Hauenstein
Washoe Medical Center

"Your presentation was entertaining, interesting and very well delivered. Thanks for doing a stupendous job."

Walter Horsting
UJB Financial Corporation

" used plenty of humor and just the right amount of serious thoughts. Your wonderful talk set an upbeat tone for the whole convention."

George Benoit
Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association

"I have been at many functions with this group and this was the first and only standing ovation I have witnessed. Truly a display of respect for you and your message."

James W. Freeman
Washington Gas

"This was the best First Day opening session that our teachers have ever attended in the district. Your performance was impressive, stimulating and hilarious. You are a true professional with a clear message that brought humor and enjoyment to our staff."

William L. Wilson
Connellsville Area School District
Director of Federal Programs

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